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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  November 3, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm EST

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a developing story. the national mall shuts down after a camper found loaded with guns. plus, a health alert. a local woman tells what can happen when your test results are wrong. also, the balance of power shifts on the hill. find out how it may impact your taxes. this is 9news now. >> and tonight a suspicious rv is being blamed for the shut down all around the national mall at the height of rush hour. >> with all of the recent terror threats, even an attack on local military buildings, no wonder they took serious precautions, that is until they knew more about the mystery camper. brittany morehouse is live at the mall. brittany, that camper causing problems for everybody. >> reporter: it sure did. even people inside the national air and space museum who were scheduled to be here for a formal event. that got postponed.
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they had to evacuate the building where they were kept waiting for hours. >> i'm inconvenienced. but i'll wait to make judgment about that later. >> reporter: call it a typical dc security threat. it causes traffic problem, closes buildings, shuts down streets and forces family to cancel plans. >> i have a wife and a six-month-old daughter at home and they're both waiting for me and i want to go see them. >> when i came out, it was -- the street was cordoned off and i couldn't get to my car. i have been here for a long time. >> reporter: a long time outside the air and space museum where earlier around 3:15 a park police officer spotted a camper. >> based on his observations and his training, he felt this was something worthy of a little greater detail and attention. >> reporter: so streets are closed and a bomb squad called. after looking through the rv, they found a couple weapons. >> one handgun and a rifle. >> reporter: and later an owner. >> an adult man from arizona. >> reporter: while it's not illegal to have a firearm in a car, it is in the district. so the man is arrested.
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>> he has been taken to one of our processing facilities. >> reporter: the scare is too close for comfort for some, like museum employees who recall recent events. >> there has been shootings in washington in public buildings. there has been shootings. >> reporter: and at 8:00 after they say the coast is clear, they have a man in custody, people are still waiting to go back into their vehicles. >> what is the delay now? and i noticed like many of the officers who were in their cars on the mall are gone too. why are we still here? >> reporter: well, they're not here any longer. last we spoke with park police, they were still interviewing that man. they had not released his name and it's still unclear whether this is an honest mistake. live in northwest, brittany morehouse, 9news now. >> thank you much. well, as you can see from brittany's umbrella, it certainly is a lot wetter out there. topper, will it rain all night? >> it looks like it will stay. you can see a lot of moisture covering most of the mid atlantic and most of the eastern
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sea board. it's going to get heavier overnight. it's generally light to moderate right now. there is a lot of activity back to the west that is fairly heavy west of i81. pretty heavy activity and it's all streaming off to the north and to the east. so it's going to be with us all night for the most part moderate activity, occasionally a little heavy batch here and there. let's go to the computer. the forecast here what you see is what you get. overnight cloudy and chilly with rain heavier by dawn. winds, we get a break on that. they will be light. we'll come back with your wake up weather and break it down for you in just a minute. anita. all right. as republicans celebrate their return for power, democrats are coming to grips with what went wrong. >> promises of hope and change put the democrats in the white house, but then that recession and a series of miscalculations cost them console of the congress. >> i'm not recommending for every future president that they take asia lacking like i -- a shalacking like i did last
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night. i'm sure there are easier ways to learn. >> obama being rejected by the american people. >> one speaker of the house has to be asking himself the same question maybe posed by robert red ford after he won the election in the movie candidate. what do we do now. >> the republican certainly convincingly took control of the house but the senate and the white house still belong to the democrats. so the question remains a pretty good one, what do we do now? gary nurenberg has been looking for some answers and is live down on the hill with the impact on our wallets and perhaps our future. gary. >> reporter: well, what does it mean to our wallets, derek? you sketched the economy. the democrats in charge of the white house and the senate. republicans flush with huge victories in the house. the two sides believe essentially that different things are best for the country. the public wants them to work together, but can they? >> i can tell you that some election nights are more fun than others. >> reporter: he said there has to be cooperation. >> but yesterday also told us is
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that no one party will be able to dictate where we go from here. >> reporter: take tax cuts, big issue in the campaign. they're set to expire at the end of the year. so what if the tax cuts do expire. the brookings institution has a calculator that tells you the impact. take a family of four, two kids under 15 and an adjusted gross income of $85,000. after all of the credits that would exist, that family pays federal tax of $1,653. in the tax cut expires, there's an increase of $2,638. a single taxpayer adjusted income $43,200 now pays 4259. if the cuts expire, the tax becomes 5,000, $78, an increase of $819. but is that really going to happen? >> i think in the end, people's taxes will stay the way they are now and they will not go up. >> reporter: that doesn't mean no pain. >> it's very hard.
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in fact, it's impossible to balance the budget at the same time you cut taxes if you don't also make big cuts in programs like medicare and social security. >> reporter: matt remembers the bitterness of divided power in 1994 in the clinton administration. >> we got big things like the welfare reform bill. like the s chip bill which covers poor children. i think there is some things we can get done. >> reporter: but if they can't somehow do that, the number of incumbents booted from office last night will pail in comparison to the number angry voters throw out two years from now. something that politicians know on both ends of pennsylvania avenue. derek and anita. >> thank you, gary. tonight we now know what caused this raging fire inside a high-rise apartment building right here in dc. investigators now say candles started the massive blaze trapping folks inside the building. those flames broke out yesterday afternoon right near 14th and rhode island west.
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you can see the victims in the window waiting, hoping for help to get there. megan behan was one of the people trapped. she thought they wouldn't get to her in time so she called her sister frantic about her ordeal. >> they were scared i was going to jump. >> were you thinking about it? >> no. i can't even remember. it was so bad. but i just -- i just tried to calm her down. there was one other caller that heard me. >> the firefighters did get there. they rescued six people that were trapped inside. the fire department ended up displacing a total of 21 residents. >> 911. >> there has been an accident. someone has flipped over. some people have already gone down to try to help this person out. >> well, talk about being in the right place at the right time. tonight a man is alive thanks to the help of three police
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officers in training. they were right across the street when a car drove down a ravine and into the water out in lanom. they ran down there and tried to pull the driver out. they tried to get them. instead they stood there in the freezing water holding the man's head up until the emergency crews got there. >> the water was up to about my waist and the mud was up to probably my knees. it was like we were standing in cement. >> as the fire department got the car off of him, we pulled him out. and then we had to carry him up the hill. >> doctors did find water in his lungs meaning he was in the process of drowning. >> what a story. well, that driver, a man in his 20s, is now recovering in the hospital thanks to those rescuers. they are police in training at the anne arundel community college. tomorrow fairfax county election workers help to finish checking all of the precinct vote in the close congressional race between gerry connolly and
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keith fimian. unofficially connolly leads by 900 votes cast. >> we believe when all of the votes are counted, we're going to be serving for the next two years in congress. >> the fimian campaign didn't respond to immediate questions today, but election officials say they do expect fimian to request a recount. >> recount is possible any time you have under 1% difference. so we're under half a percent difference. so it's very likely at this point. >> and election officials say if there is, indeed, a recount, we might not know for another month who actually officially won. we did not have to wait long to find out the winner in the maryland gubernatorial race. martin o'malley claimed victory. after a night of celebrating, he spent today warning about the state's continuing budget woes. here is what he said when asked what he planned on doing to raise taxes in maryland? >> i'm not. i'm looking for cuts until our economy comes back so that the revenues come back. and we've seen our revenues start to bump up because we've
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seen job creation. >> thank you, all. >> maryland is facing a $1.2 billion deficit in 2011 and federal stimulus money has run out. well, regardless of what happened in maryland in the elections, the national gop is enjoying a major prop for laying down beat down. let's be real, derek mcginty asks what do the voters want. >> the american people have sent washington a message, but it's mostly about what they don't want. no more big new government programs and, of course, they are furious over this economy. but beyond that, we remain a 50/50 nation. there is no consensus. that according to a survey of likely voters. now, for example, republicans say they want a free spending, investigate the obama administration and extend the tax breaks for the well-to-do. if you ask only republicans, the numbers, of course, are different. now, most of the gop voters are
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absolutely certain they want both tax cuts and deficit reductions, and that is a difficult trick at best. as for compromise, well, there is at least one thing a majority did agree up on. 53% say both parties are doing a bad job. top. the rain is over across the metro area. we'll take you out with the wakeup weather and grab a coat and one of these. you're going to need it. 48 by 5:00. 47 by 7:00. 49 by 9:00. we'll come back and let you know if you can fight the rain on the way home as well. a health alert. we put so much trust into our doctors and medical tests. what happens when you get the wrong answer. a local woman tells how a faulty test result can happen to you. that's coming up.
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the fbi now beliefs the same shooter has targeted four military buildings in our area. the latest incident happening sometime between monday night and tuesday morning. this time it was the coast guard recruiting office in woodbridge. that shooting has been linked to four previous shootings at the pentagon and two at the marine corps museum. a transgender male playing
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on a basketball team is being welcomeled with open arms. he is transitioning into a man and he is the first openly transgender athlete to play for an ncaa division one team. >> i feel as if i should have been born male with male parts, but i -- like my biological sex is female. >> now, we're told that she can continue to play on the woman's team because he does not plan to have surgery or take any hormones until his college career is done. they open their season november 13th. in tonight's health alert, medical misdiagnosis. imagine noticing unwelcomed changes in your body and when you get the test you're supposed to, you're told don't worry. in tonight's health alert, a local woman describes how this scenario nearly cost her her life. >> at washington sports club in dupont, these champions are spinning for their lives. >> the lump that they told me not to do anything about was
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6.7 centimeters. that's two and a half inches. that's huge. >> reporter: in february 2009, hair style a hair stylist found a lump in her right breast. her physician sent her to have a mammogram. the radiologist told her it was benign and have her doctor write a follow-up exam in six months. >> six months later he sent me back to them and they told me the same exact thing. >> reporter: but at that point in september, the lump had gotten bigger and another seem to be forming. >> radiologist said if it's going to make you feel better, then go to a surgeon. but these are benign. >> reporter: her own doctor felt the situation was far more urgent. >> i said, well, i don't care what the mammogram says. they're not perfect. i would feel much more comfortable if you saw a surgeon. >> reporter: mary finally did and a month later a biopsy revealed the truth. >> and that was when the bad
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news was. you have a very large lymph node under your arm and i felt just like this. >> reporter: she had stage three breast cancer and has since undergone a mastectomy and a long course of chemo. but through it all, she kept spinning. >> i believe it saved my life. >> reporter: right now, mary is cancer free and offers a free spinning class for other women battling breast cancer. she inspires them to keep fighting and they do the same for her. >> you know, they're just checking their heart rates and they're spinning for their lives. >> they are spinning for their lives. it's great. >> reporter: the women in mary's class , again, this is designed for breast cancer patients. they range in age from 30-70s. how mary inspires those students to keep fighting the fight in the morning. >> all right. two mammograms, they both said this is benign, how does that happen? >> that is what the radiologist report said. we talked to mary's
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gynecologist. he said fortunately in his experience a case like this is rare. however, insist on a second opinion if you have that gut feeling that you are not comfortable with what you're hearing. and we should point out that these days when we talk about a biopsy, this is not always a major surgical procedure. there are needle biopsies where you can go in and take a small amount. it's important to get the test if you really think you need it. that is mary's advice to all women. >> good advice. okay. is a happy meal really a happy meal if there is no toy inside. it will have to be. in a town they banned the toy that contain high levels of calories, sugar and fat. and restaurants are now required to provide fruits and veggies with all children's meals that include a toy with purchase. that story has gotten a lot of feedback on our facebook page. if you want to join in, go to click on our link. and i don't know if they make happy meals for dogs, but this dog sure seems pretty happy
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about her meal. the dog's name is honey. and honey likes fresh salmon. fortunately for honey, the river is flooded in mason county, washington. look at that. salmon are kind of easy to come by. they just kind of go right by. a little difficult for the dog to get a side dish of rice pilaf. i'm just saying. >> but, do you know what, that is a dog's dream right there. seriously. >> play time. wow. >> it's a person's dream if you can get the dog to fetch, drop and go get another one. >> oh, broild salmon. >> because i think a grilled salmon is not much better than that. >> i had a lab named honey. she would have done that. >> that's right. we have a cold november rain on the way. it's going to be with us tomorrow morning and tomorrow evening. and possibly friday morning. here is your forecast first. not all bad news, though. next three days, 50 tomorrow. rain. and then 50 on friday. some showers or rain in the morning. maybe a snowflake or two north and west by friday afternoon.
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and even colder on saturday. only 46. maybe a flurry. we have the spacewalk on the mall at 10:00 and the heart walk at 10:00. get there, both events at 8:30. get there early. wear layers because we have wind chills in the 30s. 40s to start on the daily planner. 49 by lunch time. pretty moderate to light rain. steady rains anyway. 50 by evening with more rain. maybe not quite as heavy as we get to the evening. overnight cloudy and chilly with rain. heavier by dawn. low temps in the 40s. one break. let me show you live doppler 9000. you can access this any time on our website at this would be a good time to download our weather app if you have an iphone or itouch. lots of rain across the entire metro area. we'll zoom in a little bit. for the most part it's light to moderate. we're picking up little areas of rain. that would be yellow. little pockets of that. we have some moderate rain out
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towards chantilly out 50. also out seven towards leesburg and also up to 70 towards gaithersburg. where is all of this going to go in the next hour? everything is propagating off to the north and east. so you have rain now. there is plenty of rain back to the southwest to replace it. let's go back to the computer and we'll talk about tomorrow morning grab your coat and umbrella. cloudy and breezy and cold. at least chilly with rain 40s. that's it. winds northeasterly at 10-15. by afternoon, mostly cloudy, breezy and cold. more rain and showers. highs only around 50. temps aren't going to do a lot of moving. temps turn as the pressure goes up the coast and passes our parallel. so we have a significant rain headed our way. wet commute in the morning. wet commute in the evening. and, remember, there is some leaves on the road. they're slick. take it easy. very cold in the wake of the storm. not so much for overnight lows but for daytime highs. all right. tomorrow morning 7:00, a light to moderate rain pretty much
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across the board. again, not heavy. a little bit of a break as we get into the late morning hours, but still cloudy. then the rain returns. all right, next seven days, 50 on thursday with rain. 50 on friday. cold, dry high school football night. you need some layers then. only in the 40s on saturday. fall back. the daylight saving ends. we go back to standard time. so weekend is 49 hours long. that is nice. and we go back in the 50s on sunday and then look at next week. see, it's not all bad. we're in the 60s monday, tuesday and wednesday with upper 60s by next wednesday. >> it takes us awhile to get there. >> yes, it does. >> thanks, top. we're following some breaking news out of indonesia. witnesses report hearing an explosion as a jet liner through over that country hand a police official says debris has been found scattered near a shopping mall. it is not clear whether any of this is connected to reports that a jetliner with the airline quantis has made an emergency
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and now 9 sports with dave owens, the best sports in town. >> actually it's greg. but i'm glad you noticed the difference. [ laughing ] >> thank you. just a little bit of difference. just like misplacing your keys or wallet, the capitals knew they left their power play somewhere. they couldn't figure out where it went. thank goodness the caps have found their scoring touch. they needed it tonight against the maple leaves. alex ovechkin would have been the star if it wasn't for the other alex. under six to play, caps on the power play. ovechkin the stop. they corral the puck and flick it in. tie the game up at four and forcing overtime. still tied they go to a shootout. ovechkin scores but it's not over yet. semen's turn and this is a
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flatout missile. caps win it 5-4. that goal was the perfect medicine. >> i was sick tonight. i didn't know whether it was going to be scratch until after warmup. and sometimes he said he wanted to play and so the man becomes the hero. >> look who was back at wizards practice today. gilbert arenas did some light drills. he has missed the first three games because of a right ankle injury. flip sanders says he'll wait to see how the ankle responds before deciding when he'll return. just think, there are a lot of cows getting less milking than the donovan mcnabb story. everybody is chiming in. even a few teammates on the website. former eagles receiver freddy mitchell was quoted as saying he agreed with the benching of mcnabb. mitchell went on to say he also thought mcnabb should have been benched in the 2004 super bowl for his poor play. mitchell doesn't blame mcnabb
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and blames donovan for his release in 2005. and then terrell owens had to give his two cents. owens said i did play in the superbowl and there were rumors where he couldn't get our two minute offense going at the end of the game. i'm just saying. the guy who traded mcnabb is still in his corner. >> they're off this week. >> our franchise history, this franchise has been around a couple days. he's a phenomenal football player and a good person. >> all right. time for you to pick our game of week. these are the five games to choose from. in virginia centreville. at bun bar the colts playing -- dunbar the colts playing well. sherwood both teams with one loss. freedom woodbridge at potomac. cast your vote for the game of the week at the winning game will lead our
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coverage friday night. dc united had a terrific first season. five golds and one assist for that reason and he was named the mls rookie of the year. at 17 he's the youngest player to win the award and the first home grown united player to cap turp the honor. he was signed by united last march after working his way up through the academy. 17 years old. i would say his future is bright. >> really night. >> freddy adu. >> yes. there is a name from the past. >> we'll be right back. a landmark of liberty and opportunity. at bank of america, we live and work here, with thousands of employees and hundreds of branches and atms. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion... from supporting the arts and howard university to helping revitalize anacostia and downtown d.c. because when you're giving, lending, and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen. ♪
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that is our broadcast. thanks for sticking around with us. >> don't forget you can always find us as well at >> who is next? >> letterman is next. how did you know? good night. >> he has powers. [ laughing ] x
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